Shawn Rhoads

National Science Foundation Predoctoral Fellow 
Lindau Nobel Young Scientist 
Mistletoe Research Fellow 

In summer 2022, I will begin a postdoctoral fellowship in human intracranial neuroscience with Dr. Xiaosi Gu and the Center for Computational Psychiatry at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai. I earned my Ph.D. while working in the Laboratory on Social and Affective Neuroscience at Georgetown University under the mentorship of Dr. Abigail Marsh. I graduated from the University of Southern California with a Bachelor's Degree in both physics and psychology.

I study the neurocomputational basis of human interpersonal perception, learning and decision-making in social contexts, and emotional experiences that are shared (i.e., interactions with others) or vicarious (i.e., affective empathy). My research also examines sources of individual variation in these phenomena relevant to mental health and social well-being. My current projects involve using functional magnetic resonance imaging and computational modeling to study these phenomenon among among dyads (e.g., pairs of friends or strangers) and individuals who have engaged in real-world extraordinary altruism (e.g., non-directed, living kidney donors).

I am also an avid social justice, environmental, and open-science advocate. I have been involved with advocacy work for environmental sustainability and social justice on the local and national level.

I'm always open to collaborate! Please feel free to contact me on the Brainhack Mattermost or through any of the links below.