Research Interests

Social Distance & Value Representations

This work explores the mechanisms underlying the valuation of social others.

Dyadic social perception & decision-making

This work examines behavioral and neural correspondence across pairs of individuals.

Altruism for close & distant others

This work characterizes hyperbolic social discounting in real-world, costly altruism.

Neurocomputational substrates of social emotion

This work disentangles the brain processes underlying emotion in the presence of social information.

Research Tools and Resources

The Neuroimaging Cookbook

The Neuroimaging Cookbook 🧠🍳📓 centralizes searchable “code snippets” (or “recipes”) for different, specific, and simple tasks in neuroimaging that people can incorporate in their own analysis pipelines. And most importantly, scales such that anyone can contribute their own random, useful code snippet.
The idea was inspired by 30 Seconds of Code (specifically, 30 Seconds of Python), where people can easily reference code (across software) for different neuroimaging tasks for neuroimaging.
Anyone can contribute on GitHub.

Georgetown Methods Lab

I started Georgetown Methods Lab, which is a trainee-run intiative established for the purpose of providing a space beyond the classroom to exchange ideas, share code, receive feedback, learn modern research methods, and foster a culture of open science in psychological science and cognitive neuroscience at Georgetown University. Email to get involved!

LSAN tools

I currently maintain lsan_tools, which is a Python package (in-development) built to streamline behavioral and neuroimaging data manipulation and analysis in the Laboratory on Social and Affective Neuroscience at Georgetown University.

More to come!